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testing your scripts in earlier versions of powershell on the same device

clock maart 21, 2012 19:27 by author Hans Straat
When you follow Jeff Wouters on twitter you will notice the title is a shameless rip of his blogpost he posted today about testing different versions of Powershell scripts on 1 device. For example Jeff explains in his blog how you can test Powershell V2 scriptlet while you have Powershell ... [More]

Is the Ipad hype over?

clock maart 16, 2012 20:35 by author Hans Straat
Reading my twitter updates I stumpled on a update from!/rspruijt who posted a nice tweet about store staff outnumbering customers. Read the full article from a link he also posted with the tweet here

RDP exploit POC released

clock maart 16, 2012 17:05 by author Hans Straat
Since it came public that there is yet another bug in the RDP protocol there is now also a proof of concept leaked. This will cause a targeted server to produce a blue screen of death (BSOD). POC can be found here It is becomming more and more importend for system engineers or those who maintai... [More]

Windows Server 8 Beta released

clock maart 1, 2012 22:11 by author Hans Straat
The windows 8 consumer preview already has a milion downloads, I don't know how many yet downloaded the server 8 beta version but I downloaded the VHD version. It's easy to extract and then you have a vhd file which you can use to build a new virtual machine with Windows Server 8. My first impressio... [More]

Keyboard shortcuts for windows Server 8 and more

clock maart 1, 2012 20:37 by author Hans Straat
Hans Vredevoort on twitter posted a nice tweet, all keyboard shortcuts that are available for Windos 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, windows 8 consumer preview and Windows Server 8 beta. Get the shortcuts here  Note: to see the urls open the article.

Smart Fortress 2012 a nasty virus

clock maart 1, 2012 12:50 by author Hans Straat
Smart fortress 2012 pretends to be a antivirus all-in solution but in fact it's a tool that uses spyware and all kind of other stuf. The most simple method to resolve this issue is to remove the profile the viri is found in. It uses the appdata folder to nests itself in and then popups with all kind... [More]

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