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Printjobs stay in queue 'sent to printer' Windows Server 2008 R2

clock september 23, 2013 10:21 by author Hans Straat
In the printenvironment I manage I had the complaint that from time to time a printer reprinted all the past jobs. After looking into this issue I noticed that the printqueue was building up rapidly to over 300 jobs in the queue all with the message 'sent to printer'. It turned out that the sec... [More]

Get your printers in a csv file and use it for documentation or to convert printserver in Res Workspace Manager

clock september 19, 2013 10:42 by author Hans Straat
Res Workspace Manager, Documentation, Convert [More]

Create multiple printservers in RES Workspace Manager

clock september 13, 2013 11:42 by author Hans Straat
I recently got the chalange to replace the printserver at my job and to create a new printserver environment. So while we are working on getting Res Workspace Manager life in action the next step would be breaking down the current printserver and replace it with 4 printservers each hosting under 400... [More]

ThinkKiosk 4.0 is released

clock september 12, 2013 16:41 by author Hans Straat
Today Andrew Morgan anounced that ThinKiosk 4 is released, what's new is there is a enterprise edition now(payed) the community edition is and will be free of charge. The enterprise edition holds more features and goodies then the free (express?) edition but that sounds normal to me. Read the full s... [More]

Up again after dns registar went away?

clock september 3, 2013 20:14 by author Hans Straat
Might you have noticed that we where not resolvable with DNS lookup for a period of 4 days, the registar where I hosted my DNS is no longer responsive and bloked bij SIDN in the netherlands. Now we run our DNS at a dutch registar. We hope you didn't mis us much :) ... [More]

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