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RES WM Agent won't start after automated install on a vdi workstation

clock april 22, 2015 21:55 by author Hans Straat
Doing a installation of the res agent msi with all the parameters like addtoworkspace and autoruncomposer through Microsoft SCCM or other automation tools like Res Automation Manager wil leave you with a VDI workstation without a automaticly starting composer. On the plus side there are two way... [More]

FTP connections not working on Ziggo Ubee modem with wifi

clock april 7, 2015 09:48 by author Hans Straat
Lately I was asked to get FTP working on a ziggo ubee modem (new type with wifi). All ftp sites were working properly but the connection got stuck on opening folders. Turns out Ziggo delivers the modem with Firewall on Medium. This setting is blocking all inbound traffic when it's not in the list (l... [More]

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