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Disable network in Windows Server 2008 (r2)

clock februari 25, 2012 20:32 by author Hans Straat
A time ago I was on the lookout for a way to hide the network entirely from my computer so you could not browse the network or get to the nice other items windows will show you when you get to the network. Thanks to people from LoginConsultants who posted the solution in this old thread on Brian Mad... [More]

We are up again but empty with blogs, howto's tips and tricks

clock februari 25, 2012 19:59 by author Hans Straat
As you all have noticed the last months was down. The company hosting decided to pulldown the site cause the joomla was terrible old. Also I am waiting for the entire database to shipped over to me to see if I can get back some tip's tricks, howto's etc but basicly this s... [More]

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