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Internet Explorer starts and stops, Explorer gives error about path etc.

clock maart 28, 2017 20:41 by author Hans Straat
Had a strange fenomenon in a vdi environment. Users started reporting that when they opent Internet Explorer it would flash open en close. in the taskmanager you could see the processes stacking up everytime a Internet Explorer was started. To make it even stranger Explorer was also giving a error w... [More]

Print Spooler crashes on Xenapp 6.5 / TS 2008R2 environment after windows updates

clock september 13, 2016 12:05 by author Hans Straat
Lately we released a new Citrix image containing new security updates, after testing all was ok, but in the production environment the printspooler kept on crashing on the OLEAUT32.DLL.  After investigation it turned out that KB3172605 modified the OLEAUT32.DLL and was responsible for the print... [More]

Get rid of 'some library features are unavailable due to unsupported library locations' in a vdi with mandatory profile

clock augustus 23, 2016 16:09 by author Hans Straat
When you manage a vdi environment with mandatory profiles and use zeroprofiling tools like RES , Appsence of Imidio(Vmware) then you can capture settings. In this particular case you need to capture the folder %appdata%\microsoft\windows\libraries. This will capture the setting that you don't won't ... [More]

Disable add's with the help of Res Workspace Manager

clock juni 18, 2015 09:45 by author Hans Straat
After reading THIS artcile written by James Ranking I decided to look if it is possible to achive the same results in RES Workspace Manager.  Make the user you are using temporarily RES Administrator and make sure you can open the console in the session where you configure the IE Tracking... [More]

Res Workspace Manager 2014 visio stencils

clock juni 16, 2015 10:59 by author Hans Straat
A while ago i was asked to create a visio stencil with RES Workspace Manager. After searching I only found links to the official RES Software website. But all the links were not migrated to the new website of RES. After a call I received the files and got official permission to host the Visio Stenci... [More]

RES WM Agent won't start after automated install on a vdi workstation

clock april 22, 2015 21:55 by author Hans Straat
Doing a installation of the res agent msi with all the parameters like addtoworkspace and autoruncomposer through Microsoft SCCM or other automation tools like Res Automation Manager wil leave you with a VDI workstation without a automaticly starting composer. On the plus side there are two way... [More]

FTP connections not working on Ziggo Ubee modem with wifi

clock april 7, 2015 09:48 by author Hans Straat
Lately I was asked to get FTP working on a ziggo ubee modem (new type with wifi). All ftp sites were working properly but the connection got stuck on opening folders. Turns out Ziggo delivers the modem with Firewall on Medium. This setting is blocking all inbound traffic when it's not in the list (l... [More]

Delete content of a roaming profile to force loading a new default profile

clock september 2, 2014 15:15 by author Hans Straat
After some issues with profiles we found out that a new default profile needed to be created. Creating a default profile is easy and you can find enough information how to do that on the internet :)  Now the challange: how to clean excisting profiles without deleting the entire user folder aka... [More]

Need to remove the pinned Google Chrome from your taskbar and desktop?

clock augustus 19, 2014 11:46 by author Hans Straat
A nice example from the field, we are implementing Google Chrome but do not want the lnk in the taskbar nor a shortcut on the desktop. After doing some Google searching we found the solution. You can delete the following key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\(Wow6432Node\)Microsoft\Active Setup\Insta... [More]

Running Windows 8.1 Developer Edition update is available!

clock mei 14, 2014 21:46 by author Hans Straat
Microsoft released a new update for Windows Phone 8.1 8.10.12382.868 to be exactly. I had to opt out and opt in to get the update notification but have it. What I have read so far the best update is to improve battery live! So get the update on your phone fast.  

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