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Create multiple printservers in RES Workspace Manager

clock september 13, 2013 11:42 by author Hans Straat
I recently got the chalange to replace the printserver at my job and to create a new printserver environment. So while we are working on getting Res Workspace Manager life in action the next step would be breaking down the current printserver and replace it with 4 printservers each hosting under 400... [More]

ThinkKiosk 4.0 is released

clock september 12, 2013 16:41 by author Hans Straat
Today Andrew Morgan anounced that ThinKiosk 4 is released, what's new is there is a enterprise edition now(payed) the community edition is and will be free of charge. The enterprise edition holds more features and goodies then the free (express?) edition but that sounds normal to me. Read the full s... [More]

Up again after dns registar went away?

clock september 3, 2013 20:14 by author Hans Straat
Might you have noticed that we where not resolvable with DNS lookup for a period of 4 days, the registar where I hosted my DNS is no longer responsive and bloked bij SIDN in the netherlands. Now we run our DNS at a dutch registar. We hope you didn't mis us much :) ... [More]

Recommended Operating System Patches for Provisioned Windows Targets

clock augustus 21, 2013 13:17 by author Hans Straat
A nice article from Citrix what Microsoft patches and hotfixes are recommended for various operating systems while working with provisioning. Some of the updates are probably already installed via regular updates but you better check if you loaded them up on your environment to create more stability... [More]

Convert username to SID nice tool

clock juli 16, 2013 10:48 by author Hans Straat
Today I had to dig into the register of a logged on user on a citrix environment. A nice task with 20+ concurrent users on a server to find the right SID to Username. After testen a few scripts and not want to use the Joeware sidtoname.exe I found a tool (User2SID) from Sepago that has a single... [More]

WMI eventID 10 after you install SP1 on Windows 2008R2

clock mei 16, 2013 13:47 by author Hans Straat
This is a old error as SP1 for Windows 2008 R2 is already released a while back :)  but I had it again after creating a new golden image for a Xenapp 6.5 environment. The WMI error only shows once after reboot but heck every error is one to much. A solution is there from Microsoft in KB2545227

Bookreview "Instant Citrix Security How-to"

clock april 23, 2013 20:55 by author Hans Straat
Ät linkedin there was a question from who was willing to review the book "Instant Citrix Security How-to" and as I am working with Citrix for many years now I thought let's review my first book :). The book is a hands-on about the Citrix Netscaler so if you are interested in harden... [More]

Migrate several hundred printerqueue's that run on a HP Universal Driver

clock januari 17, 2013 20:22 by author Hans Straat
Currently I am working out a strategy plan to upgrade a printserver which has over 1000 printers hosted. Most of them run on HP UPD PCL 5 v5.3 or PCL 6 5.3. After loading the drivers (choose add driver and located the inf file instead of running install from the directory where you extracted the dri... [More]

Instagram powns your photo's in the new EULA

clock december 18, 2012 09:28 by author Hans Straat
It is all over the internet the new EULA that Instagram has tells you that they will own all photo's on Instagram and can do with it how ever it pleases them. If they want to sell your photo they can and you won't get a dime. Here is how you can download your photo's and then delete your account. Cl... [More]

Citrix HDX monitoring tool v3 is available now

clock december 12, 2012 08:48 by author Hans Straat
Citrix relaesed HDX monitoring tool v3. This tool enables you to troubleshoot and monitor HDX channels. HDX Monitor 3.0 tool provides detailed information about the various HDX technologies, their performance, and diagnostics information. The following are the HDX technologies covered by this tool:... [More]

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