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Printjobs stay in queue 'sent to printer' Windows Server 2008 R2

clock september 23, 2013 10:21 by author Hans Straat
In the printenvironment I manage I had the complaint that from time to time a printer reprinted all the past jobs. After looking into this issue I noticed that the printqueue was building up rapidly to over 300 jobs in the queue all with the message 'sent to printer'. It turned out that the security group 'Creator Owner' with permission Manage Documents was missing on the printer that was having the issues. You can rapidly set permissions on printers with SetACL from Helge Klein.

Hack any skype account in 6 easy steps (educational blog)

clock november 14, 2012 12:44 by author Hans Straat
Today I was pointed to a blog from about the ability to hack a skype account in 6 steps. After I read the blog I changed my primairly e-mail adres to a less known email address and urge you todo the same thing. You can read the entire blog here. Strange thing is they don't kneed your e-mail to confirm something they just takeover your account with these steps. Microsoft has taken some steps but needs to patch this bug asap....

Adobe Reader 11 admx templates available for download

clock oktober 24, 2012 13:51 by author Hans Straat
After quick search I found that the admx templates for Adobe Reader 11 are available. You can get them here

virusses while clicking on links in e-mail from your Bank

clock juli 19, 2012 20:54 by author Hans Straat
At the moment the netherlands is flushed with all kind of e-mails concerning banks from ING, ABN-AMRO and Rabobank. All containing urls which will start downloading and installing trojans and virusses on your pc. So be aware do not open them if you live in The Netherlands simply delete the e-mails and if you don't trust it call you Bank and ask if they send you a e-mail.

A great blog about Windows To go a nice tool in Windows 8 Enterprise

clock juni 7, 2012 17:17 by author Hans Straat
Windows 8 Enterprise blog about Windows to Go [More]

testing your scripts in earlier versions of powershell on the same device

clock maart 21, 2012 19:27 by author Hans Straat
When you follow Jeff Wouters on twitter you will notice the title is a shameless rip of his blogpost he posted today about testing different versions of Powershell scripts on 1 device. For example Jeff explains in his blog how you can test Powershell V2 scriptlet while you have Powershell v3 installed. Read the blog here and enjoy the rest of his blog.

Is the Ipad hype over?

clock maart 16, 2012 20:35 by author Hans Straat
Reading my twitter updates I stumpled on a update from!/rspruijt who posted a nice tweet about store staff outnumbering customers. Read the full article from a link he also posted with the tweet here

Smart Fortress 2012 a nasty virus

clock maart 1, 2012 12:50 by author Hans Straat
Smart fortress 2012 pretends to be a antivirus all-in solution but in fact it's a tool that uses spyware and all kind of other stuf. The most simple method to resolve this issue is to remove the profile the viri is found in. It uses the appdata folder to nests itself in and then popups with all kind of solutions. On a terminal server environment you can also get this behauviour even with virus scanner actively monitoring the system. Also there the advice is remove the cached profile and rename the roaming profile. Then the user loads a new profile and all will be good again. You can also run ESET online virus scanner of another free online scanner to be sure that the virus left the building.

blogsite about SCOM 2007 R2

clock februari 29, 2012 20:26 by author Hans Straat
Friends of mine are blogging about problems they find in there SCOM environment. Check out there blog right here . They manage a large environment with a huge amount of servers connected to it, for one of the largest ict firms in The Netherlands.

Drivesnapshot a very usefull tiny tool for backup purposes

clock februari 26, 2012 10:40 by author Hans Straat
Most of the time when you update software on a server you will use windows backup to make sure you are able to restore the server to the state before the change(s) where implemented. However using windows backup is a time consuming operation to restore a server and what if the server will not boot anymore. From the field here is a usefull tip. You can use drivesnapshot to create a full backup of the partitions of the server. Then use a BartPE cd or dvd to startup the server and run drivesnapshot from within the BartPE environment. Now you are able to restore the partitions full and depending on the data you need to restore it will likely take about 1/2 hour to restore the C partition. Now you are back in the original state before you implemented the change and the server runs again. This will save a lot of time rebuilding a server when you did not make a backup and thougt hey it's only a software update what can happen :)

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