Ät linkedin there was a question from Packtpub.com who was willing to review the book "Instant Citrix Security How-to" and as I am working with Citrix for many years now I thought let's review my first book :). The book is a hands-on about the Citrix Netscaler so if you are interested in hardening Citrix Xenapp or another Citrix product then this is not the right book. In about 75 page's it's descibes what you can do with Netscaler from 9.2 and up and how to setup the netscaler from scratch. You need a bit knowledge about netscaler already to fully understand the book so it's not a netscaler howto for dummy's. Also in my honest opinion I would have thought up another title because you have many products that have the word Citrix in them. However if you are interested in more understanding and doing handson configuration you could use this book as a guide to setup a netscaler and harden you're websites and applications that are published to the angry web. Also troubleshooting and usefull tips are included in this book. If you are interested in the book click here