I had the challange of changing 150+ ricoh printers to change the default way they print. Standard when you do a printjob to a printer you walk to the printer pick up your print (it's waiting for you at the outputtray). But in a environment with sensitive information you can't simply print and then think hey let's see if the printed paper is waiting for me. Because I am also migrating from one printserver to another a nice time to change the default behaviour of printjobs. But heck how to change bulk the behaviour of 150+ printers, searching online for tools or scripts I finally went to support @Ricoh and after clearing some things up they send me a nice toolkit. The kit contains a executable that searches for available Ricoh printers on your printserver and you can select multiple printers or all if you want, load the appropriate RCF file and klik on Apply :). Now you can add the printer and default it's printing the job for instance  'hold print & user logonname'. Enjoy the tool it includes the executable and multiple RCF files.

At requested by Ricoh the modification tool is removed from this site. When a new version is available and for public download the tool will be downloadable again from this site.