Doing a installation of the res agent msi with all the parameters like addtoworkspace and autoruncomposer through Microsoft SCCM or other automation tools like Res Automation Manager wil leave you with a VDI workstation without a automaticly starting composer. On the plus side there are two ways to fix this. One is the old scool policy that is used in the SBC environment through policy: Create or edit a policy and browse to User Configuration\Adminstrative Templates\System > Custom User Interface and add the path to the pfwsmgr.exe on your vdi. If you use %respfdir% you always get the right path. 

Second is to change the registry in the HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\RES\Workspace Manager\  In this hyve you will find the key AutoinstallComposer with the value 0. If you dig into your sequence that you use to install the agent on the vdi image and add this key with the value of 1 it will work. Also the key will not be present after you booted the vdi image. After a while the agent's will also be shown healty in your workspace manager console under diagnostics > agents. And your up and running with a working composer. 

I hope you enjoyed this little article.