After reading THIS artcile written by James Ranking I decided to look if it is possible to achive the same results in RES Workspace Manager. 

Make the user you are using temporarily RES Administrator and make sure you can open the console in the session where you configure the IE Tracking Protection.

First step is open internet explorer and go to the Internet Options and then tab Programs. Now Click on manage add-ons and activate 'Tracking Protection'. I have added almost all available trackers :) 

Next this is open the RES Workspace Manager console and browse to Composition > Actions by type > User Profile Directory > and go to files. Now create the folderhyve appdata\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Tracking Protection.

Right click and choose 'New' and add the TPL files. Under Settings make sure you 'enabled' User Profile Directory and make sure that it's active on the right workspace container.

Now next step is adding the registry files: Go to Composition > Actions by Type > User Registry and add a new registry, give it a apriopiate name and browse to the  HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Safety\PrivacIE\Lists. Add all the folders and apropiate registry entries by adding them. Now give the right permissions to which users or groups you want to add these and the workspace containers.


This is a short hands-on cause James Ranking already explained in depth how all works :) this article only translates the article from AppSense to RES Workspace Manager.